S.O.S. 4Life

SOS4Life Store

Welcome to our SOS4LIFE store. This store is from all donations that amazing people like you sent to us in order to help raise funds so that we can help save a life

Our funds go to paying for therapists for at risk youth who cannot afford to get help

Please check back often as we get new donations in daily.

To send in a donation with money: go to donations page
You can donate in 2 different ways.
1. send us a picture of the item with a description and a price with a note giving us the item. (please add shipping costs)
we will then post it on our site and when it sells, you will be notified with an address so you can send out
2. You can just send us the item to:
581 Lancaster Dr. #210
Salem Oregon 97317

If you have any questions or would like to make us an offer, please contact us.

Thank you and enjoy our store 🙂
#standupownupspeakup and you can help save a life!

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